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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to my brand new blog

Writing my own blog is something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but that mundane thing called Life always seemed to get in the way. That and the fact that I’m an incurable technodope!

After giving up teaching (was Head of English at a Surrey comprehensive for many years) in order to focus on my writing, I thought that would be the ideal time, but soon found myself as busy as ever I was teaching. While completing my novel ‘Unworkers’, I found myself moving more and more into freelance writing and editing and now Life has had to take a back seat!

My novel ‘Unworkers’ is now complete and I have also recently ghost-written a reworking of a famous children’s epic saga as well as contributing articles to sites like and I have a regular client base for article writing in every possible genre and also undertake online and home tuition in English.

Spare time? Haven’t seen that for many years! If I can snatch any, I love relaxing with a good film or book or theatre-going with friends. I’m an adventurous cook, which is just as well as my son is a very adventurous eater. I am also trying (with a remarkable lack of success) to grow my own vegetables and herbs in the paltry and poor patch of land around my Victorian cottage.

Cats fascinate me and I’m striving to understand my son’s inscrutable and anthropophobic moggie (who dives under my duvet at the sound of the doorbell); but mog-psychology (psycatery?) takes second place to retail therapy whenever I need a quick fix.

I satisfied my wanderlust some years ago, though this bug is beginning to rear its demanding little head once again – exacerbated, no doubt, by all the travel writing I get asked to do these days.

Which brings me to the purpose of designing this blog. As a freelance writer, I am available for academic and article writing on a vast range of topics, proofreading and editing. I also offer tuition and help with all aspects of writing on (just ask for LSofras) via email and/or Skype. Most of all, however, I would like to draw your attention to my novel ‘Unworkers’, and other writing projects and hopefully generate some interest in these.