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Friday, September 27, 2013

Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Blog Tour - Prizes, Giveaways and Special Offers Just for YOU!

If you've found your way to my blog as part of the Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, a big, smiley welcome to you.  If you've happened on it by a different route, you might want to know a little bit more about Awesome Indies and its Mystery Tour.

Awesome Indies is comprised of a group of industry professionals appointed to evaluate independently published fiction against specific criteria to ensure it reaches the same quality of craftsmanship as books published by mainstream publishing houses.  You can buy books bearing the AIA logo in the full confidence that you are buying fiction of the highest standard.

A group of authors whose Awesome Indies Approved novels contain a mystery element is running the Magical Mystery Tour this year.  It's a fun-packed blog tour with special offers and prizes to be won. Simply work your way around each participating blog to find the key you need to enter the draw for one of the great prizes.  There are three Amazon gift cards on offer: $25, $15 and $10.  If you start at the Awesome Indies blog and follow the links from blog to blog, you can read extracts from the short story Ghost Town (penned especially for the tour), pick up the clue you need as well as the great giveaways or special offers from each participating author.  Every book you buy on the tour gives you another entry into the prize draw.

My entry into the Magical Mystery tour is

Killing Jenna Crane is a psychological drama about a successful though rather egotistical novelist, Ellis Crawford who, in his writer's mind, sees the demise of his popular heroine, Jenna Crane.  But when he attempts to end his highly successful mystery series, his agent reminds him of all he'll lose.  To complicate things further, Ellis is torn between two women: the breathtakingly sexy, independent Emily, who wants him to kill off Jenna Crane for good—even at the expense of his career, and the loving, caring Chloe, whose heart he broke because she needed him too much. 

However, life is too short for regrets, and his own soon spirals out of control.  With his reputation and career in tatters, he finds himself facing the growing darkness of his own soul when a secret is revealed that changes everything he thought he once knew...

Special Half-Price Offer:  For the duration of this tour, Killing Jenna Crane is available at Amazon for $1.99 (usual price $3.99) or at Smashwords (use coupon code JN92N at the checkout to claim the discount).

If you want to start reading Ghost Town from the beginning, click here. Alternatively, continue reading:

Ghost Town - Kevin - Part Two by William Knight

“That Walter's made me pissed, Drill Serg'n' Major, Sir.”

Drill Sergeant Major didn't usually remain quiet for so long. Kevin straightened his back and tried his best to come to attention inside the narrow damp passage of the wooden cabin. The silence unnerved him. He fidgeted.

“Keep still,” the voice barked.

“Yes, Drill Serg'n' Major, Sir.”

Drill Sergeant Major wasn't the only presence at the cabin that afternoon. The girl in the pink dress with a scent of honeysuckle played in the wall-less kitchen, and Mable Dirsely – the whore of the old settlement – creaked the non-existent bed on the mezzanine. But Drill Sergeant Major's presence was the only one that mattered.

“You know what happens if that comb is reunited with its owner?” Drill Sergeant Major shouted. The upstairs creaking stopped and the girl in the pink dress disappeared. “That's the end of it, boy.”

“You and Walter both think it was me. It weren't me, Sir.”

The room darkened as if a shadow had descended over the cabin. The damp odor of rotting wood drifted into Kevin's nose like an old friend, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood to attention like soldiers back in Nam. Bitter and angry at being misunderstood, Kevin nonetheless stood perfectly still.

“You know what to do, boy,” whispered Drill Sergeant Major into Kevin's ear.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prism's Birthday Blog Hop

I first became a published author in 2011, when Prism Book Group (at that time called Inspired Romance) selected my contemporary romance The Apple Tree as its inaugural contest winner and expressed an interest in publishing it.  You can't imagine how thrilled I was!  I worked closely with Prism's wonderful editor, Joan Alley, and the book quickly took shape - albeit in a slightly Americanised way!   Since then, I've gone on to publish six more novels and have, as the old clichĂ© goes, never looked back.  So thank you, Prism—your special celebration is mine too!

This week Prism Book Group is celebrating its third birthday and I'm delighted to be part of those celebrations, not least to say thank you to them for starting me off on my own writing journey.  The party runs from September 20th to 23rd and includes some great giveaways, including a $100 gift card. There are also lots of scrummy dessert recipes donated by all the Prism authors. All you have to do is follow the blog hop.  For my own prize, I'm offering a copy of The Apple Tree (or one of my other titles if preferred) as an e-book. Just leave a comment and your email address at the end of this post, telling me which book you'd like to read.

Be sure to sign up with the Rafflecopter to be entered to win the $100 gift card.

Now for my own recipe, which is very special.

In my contemporary romance Shopping for Love, Emma is renowned for her chocolate mud cakes - a secret recipe handed to her from an aunt.  Her best friend, Jenny loves them and begs for the recipe, but Emma promised her aunt she'd keep it a secret.

The recipe I had in mind when writing this story was one that was similarly entrusted to me, but, unlike Emma, I've decided to share it with you for Prism's birthday bash. It's easy, it's fool proof (i.e. very forgiving if you don't quite get the quantities right) and it's absolutely yummy!


Into large bowl put
2 cups unsalted butter
150 g dark cooking chocolate
2 cups caster sugar
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup water and 1/3 cup of orange juice - or if you're feeling really decadent, substitute whisky (as recommended by Emma's aunt).

Melt in microwave and stir until really smooth and glossy.  (About 4 or 5 minutes).
To the mix add
1/3 cup self-raising flour
1 ½ cups plain flour
1/3 cup cocoa
2 eggs.

Mix well and pour into 7 or 8 inch round tin.
Cook on about 320˚F (160˚C) for 1½ - 2 hours (or until the skewer comes out clean)
Brush with a little milk while still warm and in the tin.
Tip out after about 10 minutes onto its head and then put back on its base on flat board or plate.

Now, it's great to eat this as it is, but for extra yumminess, make a ganache icing by melting chocolate and cream (dark or milk chocolate; using a little less cream than chocolate - but the measurements don't need to be exact).  Stir well to create a nice, glossy look.  Drizzle the ganache over the cake or serve in separate bowls with strawberries and whipped cream.

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Mary L. Ball

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Now just enjoy the Birthday Hop!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday's Writer: Tony-Paul de Vissage

Though there have always been fictional vampires among us, the literary vampire didn't begin to flourish until the mid-1880's.  Then came The Vampyre, a short story published in 1819 whose authorship was for some time in question. Written during the famous "Geneva Summer" which produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it was long attributed to George Gordon, Lord Byron but is now fully believed to have been written by his personal physician, John Poliodori, who used his patient as his model.

You couldn’t ask for a better basis for a vampire than His Lordship, could you? Byron reportedly denied authorship and wrote a public statement to that effect. Perhaps he didn’t mind being lionized under his own name but protested having a fictional character steal some of the limelight.  After all, Byron himself was rebellious, flaunting of convention, irresistible, and as unrepentant as they come…he might be damned and doomed to walk the corridors of time but he was loving every minute of it… and his vampire clone (just as “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” as Caroline Lamb described Byron himself) stayed that way until the 1970’s. 

Then the “penitent vampire” raised his handsome head. Suddenly immortality is no longer a blessing. He broadcasts his angst, lamenting his ability to live forever, hating the fact that he’s forced to kill others to continue his own survival, while he searches the world for someone brave enough to accompany him on his Undead travels.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, then he became sensitive, hiding his immortality, getting a night job, making human friends, actually coming to their rescue when needed and protecting them from his fellow Undead, the so-called “predators”…and now, he sparkles…

Will it never end?

Quite frankly, the only time a vampire should sparkle is just before he bursts into flame, and with that statement, I say, Bring back the Old Time vamps!

I’ve joined the campaign to do this.  (And if you don’t believe me, just take a gander at the first chapter of
The Night Man Cometh!) My vampires are definitely in the Byron-Polidori vein (pardon the pun there). With a little individual tweaking here and there, they stick to the rules set down long ago by Bram Stoker: 

avoid sunlight ( buy SPF 150 sunscreen), 
no garlic allowed, 
easy on the crosses and holy water, 
keep plenty of native soil around,
bring on the virgins!

Christopher Landless is my latest Undead creation and he follows the lead set by Damien laCroix, Vlad Chemare, the Andriescus, and Karel Novotny. Oh, Kit has a bit more conscience than his nosferatu brethren. He still remembers what it was to be human, but when it gets right down to the nitty and the gritty, he fights to save those like himself and not humans. In spite of that, I believe I’ve managed to make him a “hero” readers will like.

When I wrote, Death in the Blood, I wanted to make it different. As I later did with The Night Man Cometh, I started the story in the past and took it into the future.  Most vampire tales stop when they get to the present even if the vampires continue to exist.  Why?  If someone’s living forever, then prove it by looking ahead.

Kit’s story stretches from 1794 to the year 2580. For a while, Man and Vampire managed to live side-by-side peacefully, then a terrible event occurs making humans decide vampires are too dangerous to be allowed to go free. They’re imprisoned in concentration camps, on islands surrounded by moats of blessed water.

It was a challenge to fall back on the expected way of containing and fighting vampires while transforming them into futuristic forms. Staying true to the original genre while updating it to near-science fiction f was a definite test of originality and writing skills.  I hope, I believe, I managed it adequately.


Who’s killing the vampires of Albidon-7?

In 2392, the Vampire Census and Treatment Bill not only acknowledges that vampires exist but enables anyone under “hemoglobin addiction” to be registered and supplied with the substance of his addiction without reprimand or retribution.  Then the Bethel Bloodbath occurs in 2495, and vampires are considered too dangerous to roam free. They’re contained in concentration camps on various worlds.  When several inmates are destroyed by someone injecting silver nitrate into their blood transfusions, Lieutenant Katherine Dalia enlists vampire leader Christopher Landless to help her investigate.

Kit wants nothing to do with a Breather but Katherine persists and soon they’re not only involved in the crime but with each other.  Risking the loss of his vampire lover as well as the scorn of fellow Undead as he embarks on a love affair with a mortal, Kit may discover who wants imprisoned vampires dead but he’s also going to learn a shocking truth…old crimes never go unpunished.


Kit's attention was distracted as he heard someone call his name, turned and saw Antony coming toward him. 
Antony Burgess was tall and blond also, four years younger than Kit when they'd been alive, ten years his junior as an Undead. 
He smiled a greeting as the younger man raised one hand. 
Kit and Antony were contemporaries; they'd been robbers together, shared adventures, many noggins of ale, and assorted women during their brief lifespans, and Kit considered Tony his best friend. 
He reached Kit's side. "Well, another week, another pint! Not like the ones we slugged down in the Coachman, but ’twill suffice, I suppose!" As Kit made an agreeing sound, he turned to Honor, seized her hand and planted a quick kiss upon it. "Good even, my Lady! Awaiting yon delectable feast?" 
Antony always assumed that pseudo-eighteenth century manner when around Honor. He knew it amused her. 
Her smile matched his. "Aye, Tony—such as ’twill be!" 
That brought a loud sigh. "Oh, damn, it does leave a lot to be desired, doesn't it?" 
"Do I detect a note of dissatisfaction?" Kit asked. Antony, he'd found, had always been adaptable to whatever came along, accepting it in the best humor possible. 
"Blast it, Kit—you know I always try to see the bright side, but—" The blond head shook, pale brows scowling downward, mouth following; whenever Antony was negative, so was his entire body. "I miss it—the stalking, the thrill of the hunt...." he sighed again, "...fresh blood, hot from...." Honor made a slight sound and he stopped apologetically, "Sorry, Honor—that wasn't very gallant of me, was it—reminding us of what we've lost?" 
She put a hand on his arm, "It's all right, Tony, we all—" and broke off as he gasped slightly and jerked away from her grasp. "What is it?" 
"I—" He shook his head, brushing one hand across his eyes, "I don't know.... Suddenly I feel dizzy...." 
Once more, Honor touched his arm only to have him again move away. 
"Don't! That hurts!" 
"Tony, what—" Kit began, sharply cutting off the rest of the sentence as his friend turned a stricken face toward him. 
"Kit—" Abruptly, he doubled over, Kit catching him as he fell, hearing him gasp, "Dear God, Kit, my veins are on fire!" and nearly dropping him in the shock of hearing Antony actually speaking the Name. 
He slid to the ground, was on his knees, vainly attempting to stand, the pain keeping him bent over. One hand clawed at Kit's arm and he seized his friend by the shoulder, trying to haul him upright, seeing something that stopped the movement. 
There was blood on his sleeve. 
For a moment, he thought the scrabbling fingers had scratched him, then realized with a jolt of absolute fear that the blood was coming from Antony, seeping from under the short, perfectly manicured nails of the pale hand clutching his forearm. 
Others were noticing now, beginning to hover around, a murmur floating through them. 
"What's happened?" 
"What's wrong?" 
Kit was still attempting to lift him bodily, surprised at how heavy the younger man suddenly became, at how weak he abruptly was. 
Antony raised his head, face contorted in pain, mouth opening to scream. The veins in his neck were swelling, filling like pipes with no outlet for their flow, vessels in his eyes shredding, the conjunctiva suffused with blood, and Kit's own startled eyes met the suffering blue ones awash in that sea of red. 
"Kit...." A single strangled sound of anguish. 
Antony's body exploded. 
Kit staggered backward under the blast of blood washing over him, clutching a moment at the hand before it slid from his grasp. Then, he simply stood there, stunned and silent, staring down at the ruptured mass of flesh that had been his friend. 
Honor touched his shoulder and he turned toward her slightly, started to take her in his arms, then realized he was covered with Antony's blood and pushed her away. 
Behind him, one of the females began to sob quietly, pressing her face against a male's shoulder. 
By this time, a Med-tech and one of the guards, hearing the commotion, had arrived. The sentry, taking a brief, face-blanching look at the body, was kneeling a few feet away, vomiting loudly into the Compound dirt, while the other vainly followed his training and attempted to find a pulse. 
Kit had an almost overwhelming desire to laugh at the absurdity of his actions and wondered if he were about to succumb to hysteria.

Death in the Blood was released from Class Act Books in August, 2013.
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Tony-Paul can be found at:

Twitter: @tpvissage

Monday, September 16, 2013

Author Interview: Jade Kerrion talks about her newest release PERFECTION CHALLENGED

Today's author interview features Jade Kerrion who's here to talk about how she got into writing and her latest novel, Perfection Challenged.

1. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I started writing at the age of thirteen when my school essays were returned to me with a bunch of "A"s scrawled over the top. Teenagers are impressionable. Being much more impressionable than most, and believing that my teachers knew what they were doing, I figured I was destined to be a writer. It's only taken me tens of thousands of hours of work since then to be halfway decent at writing (and I'm still learning each day), but one has to start somewhere.

2. When did you start taking writing seriously?

In November 2010, my husband challenged me to stop writing for fun and to start writing as a career. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2010 was the trigger. I spent that month writing Perfection Unleashed, my debut novel.

3. How many books have you written?

I released Perfection Unleashed in June 2012. To date, I have published six books; I've just released Perfection Challenged, the conclusion of my seven-time award-winning Double Helix series. I have another novel, Eternal Night, a paranormal romance/fantasy set in the future (sounds odd, doesn't it?), scheduled for release in 2013.

4. What was your journey to becoming an author like?

Rocky, as most journeys are. For a while, I explored traditional publishing, but then decided I was too much of a control freak to take to traditional publishing. I preferred having creative control over my writing, artistic control over my covers, and process control over my publishing schedules. In the end, self-publishing made the most sense for me. That said, I do have a foot in the door of traditional publishing. McSill Literary Agency represents Portuguese rights for my Double Helix series.

5. Is there anything specifically that helps you write better/inspires you?

I think I'm past the stage of needing inspiration; writing is more of a compulsion now. In general, I have a compulsive personality; people like me should never get exposed to alcohol, cigarettes, or recreational drugs - we're easy prey. Years ago, computer gaming and writing used to go hand-in-hand for me. My characters from my computer games inspired my writing. Since then, however, my characters have taken on a life of their own and thus, I have been freed to happily obsess about them without needing the occasional computer gaming boost to sustain them.

6. What's the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part is stopping. After multiple rounds of self-editing, several weeks of working with my editor, and several rounds of proofreading, I have to put the manuscript away and say "done". I think it is entirely possible to edit forever, but at some point, you have to stop and send the book out into the world.

7. Do you have a specific writing style?

Third person past tense? To be honest, I'm not sure I know the response to this question. Some people say my style is much like one author or another (which would be an interesting feat, considering I've never read some of those authors.) Broadly, I'd say that my style tends to resemble serials or movies. I grew up writing fan fiction, and got accustomed to writing sections of chapters that almost inevitably ended on a cliffhanger just because that's the way fan fiction is usually consumed on online fan forums. In addition, I write the movie I see in my head, and not surprisingly, people have commented that reading my books is like watching a movie.

8. Who is your favorite author?

Neil Gaiman is pure genius in his storytelling ability. I'm a huge fan of his Sandman series.

9. What are your favorite books and what genres do you prefer?

Science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres to read and write. I've especially enjoyed the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David Eddings. To unwind, I settle down with a sweet and satisfying romance, preferably Nora Roberts. I also enjoy thrillers, especially some of Robert Ludlum's novels.

10. What is some good advice/tips for young writers/aspiring unpublished authors?

Success in any new career takes time. Be patient. Invest in yourself - understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and be committed to continual learning and constant growth. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of work to become an expert in a field. That's approximately 5 years of full time 8-to-5 work, and you need to be prepared to make the investment of your time and resources for the long haul.

11. Advice for getting rid of writer's block?

I think writer's block is just an excuse. Writing is a discipline, like going to school or work each day, like exercising and eating healthy. It's just something to have to do because it's an expectation for achieving your career goals as a writer. Maybe that particular scene isn't working out the way you want, well, work on another, but work on something. Thomas Edison said it best, "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Today, you may not have the 1%, but you sure can muster up the 99% because that is under your control.

12. A favorite quote of yours you'd like to share?

Neil Gaiman's character, Death, from the Sandman series, utters my favorite quote, "It always ends. That's what gives it value." That quote reminds me that what makes any experience, even life as a whole, valuable, is the fact that it ends. Because it ends, every moment is that much more precious and beautiful. Savor it.

13. What would you be if you didn't become an author?

Well, I'm already several things. In addition to author, wife, and mother, I work full time in an education company in the area of business and learning strategy. I enjoy my job very much and don't have any intention of quitting. People often ask how I find time to do everything I do. My response is always the same, "You'll always manage to find time for the things that matter. Oh, and I don't sleep much."

14. Can you share some info about your current work with us?

Danyael Sabre's hard-won normal life shattered the day Zara Itani freed the genetically engineered perfect human being, Galahad, from his laboratory prison. Three years have since passed. Danyael has survived months of brutal torture and the grind of quiet despite without losing the core of compassion that makes him the most compelling and infuriating man Zara has ever known.

Danyael's greatest challenge, nevertheless, lies ahead of him. In Perfection Challenged, Danyael is forced to confront his own mortality and Galahad's hate. At the end of his road, will he remain true to his convictions or sacrifice all to protect the woman he loves from the man who hates him?

15. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Only that I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my novels. To every one of you, thank you for sharing this journey with me. Your enthusiasm, support, and love for my characters are the reasons I keep writing. I hope you keep hanging around. The best is yet to come.
"The best of the four booksÉthe perfect ending to an amazing series."
Perfection Challenged, the thrilling conclusion to the multiple award-winning, bestselling DOUBLE HELIX series, is finally here. Grab your copy today.

If you've never picked up the DOUBLE HELIX series, keep reading for a special offer on the six-time award-winning novel, Perfection Unleashed.

perfection-challenged-600x800PERFECTION CHALLENGED

An alpha empath, Danyael Sabre has survived abominations and super soldiers, terrorists and assassins, but he cannot survive his failing body. He wants only to live out his final days in peace, but life and the woman he loves, the assassin Zara Itani, have other plans for him.

Galahad, the perfect human being created by Pioneer Labs, is branded an international threat, and Danyael is appointed his jury, judge, and executioner. Danyael alone believes that Galahad can be the salvation that the world needs, but is the empath blinded by the fact that Galahad shares his genes, and the hope that there is something of him in Galahad?

In a desperate race against time and his own dying body, Danyael struggles to find fragments of good in the perfect human being, and comes to the wrenching realization that his greatest battle will be a battle for the heart of the man who hates him.

E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple iTunes / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon / Amazon UK


"Higher octane than Heroes. More heart than X-Men."

Recipient of six literary awards, including First place in Science Fiction, Reader Views Literary Awards 2012 and Gold medal winner, Science Fiction, Readers Favorites 2013.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, E-BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR JUST $0.99 (Discounted from $2.99)

E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cover Reveal - PERFECTION CHALLENGED by Jade Kerrion

Perfection Challenged, the thrilling conclusion to Jade Kerrion's multiple award-winning, bestselling DOUBLE HELIX series, will be released on September 17th and will be available in paperback and all electronic formats. Beta readers have declared Perfection Challenged "the best of the four books...the perfect ending to an amazing series."

If you've never picked up the DOUBLE HELIX series, keep on reading for a special offer on Perfection Unleashed, the book that launched the DOUBLE HELIX series.


An alpha empath, Danyael Sabre has survived abominations and super soldiers, terrorists and assassins, but he cannot survive his failing body. He wants only to live out his final days in peace, but life and the woman he loves, the assassin Zara Itani, have other plans for him.

Galahad, the perfect human being created by Pioneer Labs, is branded an international threat, and Danyael is appointed his jury, judge, and executioner. Danyael alone believes that Galahad can be the salvation that the world needs, but is the empath blinded by the fact that Galahad shares his genes, and the hope that there is something of him in Galahad?

In a desperate race against time and his own dying body, Danyael struggles to find fragments of good in the perfect human being, and comes to the wrenching realization that his greatest battle will be a battle for the heart of the man who hates him.



Perfection Unleashed
Recipient of six literary awards, including first place in Science Fiction, Reader Views Literary Awards 2012 and Gold medal winner in Science Fiction, Readers Favorites 2013.

"Higher octane than Heroes. More heart than X-Men."

Danyael Sabre spent sixteen years clawing out of the ruins of his childhood and finally has everything he wanted—a career, a home, and a trusted friend. To hold on to them, he keeps his head down and plays by the rules. An alpha empath, he is powerful in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution, yet his experience has taught him to avoid attention.

When the perfect human being, Galahad, escapes from Pioneer Laboratories, the illusory peace between humans and their derivatives—the in vitros, clones, and mutants—collapses into social upheaval. The abominations, deformed and distorted mirrors of humanity, created unintentionally in Pioneer Lab’s search for perfection, descend upon Washington D.C. The first era of the Genetic Revolution was peaceful. The second is headed for open war.
Although the genetic future of the human race pivots on Galahad, Danyael does not feel compelled to get involved and risk his cover of anonymity, until he finds out that the perfect human being looks just like him.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, E-BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR JUST $0.99 (Discounted from $2.99)

E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

Paperbacks available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository

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