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Sunday, October 18, 2015

WeWrWa #8sunday Wishful Thinking by Lynette Sofras #GlassSlipperSisters

My #Sunday8 excerpt for this week's Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop is from my second contemporary romance, Wishful Thinking.
When Jess first met Christian Goodchild after her car accident just before Christmas, she had no idea he was the famous singing star, now Hollywood actor. Although she hasn't seen him in person since that chance meeting, she has discovered his identity.  Now Christian has managed to track her down, abandoning his New Year's Eve party to do so.  They have just shared their first kiss.

My excerpt:

How long the kiss lasted, Jess neither knew nor cared.  She lost herself in the ecstasy of the exquisite moment, the sheer bliss of the sensuous touch of his lips, soft yet firm against her own.  I've wanted this not just since that night in the snow; this is something I've wanted forever.  Her body seemed to melt in his arms, creating the sensation she might disappear altogether, and if she did, she wouldn't care.  She'd lost all control over her will.  She was just there, in his arms, responding to his kiss and it was the most perfectly right, the most magical experience of her whole life so far.

At length he pulled away, but in slow motion, while he continued to search deep into her eyes, his own luminous and large.  "That was unfinished business.  It had to be done," he whispered.

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A high-speed blow-out in the fast lane of a busy motorway! Miraculously, Jess and her young son escape almost-certain death. 
Then, like another miracle, Jess encounters Christian Goodchild, pop idol turned Hollywood A-lister and a man most women only ever meet in their dreams. Both are touched by the enchantment of the moment - leaving them longing for more. 
But Christian is enmeshed in a relationship so damaging that Jess doubts their love can survive in the glamorous but complex world of celebrity. Could it all turn out to be just wishful thinking?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

WeWriWa #8sunday 'Killing Jenna Crane' ~ a romantic thriller by Lynette Sofras (@ManicScribbler)

This Sunday I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop with an 8-10 sentence snippet from my romantic thriller Killing Jenna Crane in which the devoted Chloe finally realizes there is no future with the arrogant author, Ellis.

He glared at her, refusing the bait. "Well, just remember it was your choice."

She reeled on him, her green eyes flashing in fury and before he knew it, had landed him a stinging slap across his left cheek.  It was the last thing he expected from Chloe and for a moment he could do nothing but scowl at her in shock as he fought the urge to hit back.

"Being forced into something is not a choice.  It's a matter of survival.  Either I stay here and die inside a little bit more each day, or I remove myself from you and give myself a chance of finding happiness one day with someone who has a real heart and real feelings—and that isn't you.  The worst thing about living with a fiction writer is that reality can never match the fantasy that's playing out inside his head.  I can't live with being second best any longer."

Killing Jenna Crane - a psychological/romantic thriller         

This is not a story about a murder, but a dark journey inside a writer's mind.  Ellis Crawford, creator of the famous and highly successful Jenna Crane mystery series, finds his comfortable life swept away when he meets Emily, his ideal woman. 

Despite his deepening love for Emily, Ellis finds himself haunted by painful memories of a previous love whose heart he broke, and begins to regret his past behavior.  On top of that, Emily wants him to kill off his beloved heroine Jenna Crane - against fierce public opinion.

But life is too short for regrets and when his own rapidly spirals out of control, taking his reputation as an author with it, where will Ellis turn for help?