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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The cover unveiled!

I was beginning to think it was never going to come together, but here it is - at last, courtesy of Hot Damn Designs (with a little bit of help from my friends).

Now I'm getting very excited about the release of my new contemporary romance 'Shopping for Love' next week.  I've already given a sneak peak of the opening chapter, so here's the blurb:

Love can find you in the strangest places - but it's never for sale!

They meet - of all places - buying tomatoes in the supermarket and there’s no denying the attraction is mutual.  But Greg, a software developer, is still raw from his painful divorce and Emma, his children’s teacher, is recovering from her own heartache.  Then the reappearance of Emma's career-obsessed ex-boyfriend and Greg's spiteful ex-wife threatens to kill their new love before it has even begun.

Is Emma’s love strong enough to survive Greg’s demanding past and the threats to both their careers?  What will be the cost of falling in love in a world where everything comes with a high price tag?

I hope you like the cover - and I really hope you'll like the story.

Here's a further snippet from Chapter One:

Seeing the ‘labels girl’, as he had come to think of her, standing next to him contemplating her purchase of tomatoes seemed like divine intervention.  Striking up conversation over the merits of tomatoes was hardly high on his list of chat-up lines, but as far as openers go, it did the trick.  Now at least they would be on smiling terms when they met.  Hell, they even had something in common – they both shopped for love – that is, suffered the ordeal for elderly hard-to-please relatives.  At least he presumed her old lady was a relative of some sorts. If he’d had longer to chat, he might have found out.

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