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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Sunday seems to come around so much faster since I began participating in Six Sentence Sunday.  This is a feature where writers choose only six sentences from one of their stories to post on their blogs.  I've been posting short excerpts from my latest contemporary romance, Shopping for Love.  Last week I showed Greg's dilemma when he had uncovered corruption at his place of work, so this week I thought I would show Emma's predicament at the primary school where she teaches.

Here she is being questioned by her headteacher, Vanessa, and forced to decide between her career and her blossoming relationship with Greg after complaints by Greg's former wife.

Emma was too surprised to answer and merely stared at her superior.

       “Mrs Harper feels that because of your position as Sophie’s teacher, there could be a conflict of interests involved if this were true.  She considers it a breach of professionalism.  Of course I assured her that your conduct had always been beyond reproach and I was sure there would be some innocent explanation.  I seriously doubt she’ll take the matter any further, but I felt I should make you aware of her feelings.  I know I can depend on you to conduct yourself in the correct way, Emma.”

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Paula Martin said...

I really felt for Emma at this point in this excellent story - and wanted to strangle Greg's ex-wife Josie!

Anonymous said...

You're making me feel for both of them with these excerpts.

Teresa Cypher said...

What an awkward at best, infuriating at worst,position to be in. And you've written it so well. I'm guessing that her reaction will change from surprise to something else in the very near future. :-) This made me want to read more. Nice six. :-)

Ann Swann said...

Great 6. I could feel the tension!

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

I can only imagine the swing of her emotions. Spite is such a destructive emotion.

Silver James said...

Yikes! Interesting six.

Cecilia Robert said...

Gohs, she's being cornered. It's like being put between a rock and a hard place and asked to choose which direction to go to. DIfficult.Great Six!

ManicScribbler said...

Thank you for all your comments and for just thinking of visiting my blog, which always makes me happy.
I was a bit wary about this particular extract in case it sounded too tame without knowing the exact position Emma was in. She is, as Teresa and Cecilia pointed out, really being pushed into a corner thanks to the spiteful Josie.

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