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Friday, September 7, 2012

Cover art kudos for Shopping for Love

It was a great thrill to me recently to discover that the cover of Shopping for Love received the August eBook Cover Award in a contest run by a very talented cover artist (Melody Simmons) at  

Finding the right cover art is one of my nightmares (right up there with finding the right title; it's a little known fact that Shopping for Love had Supermarket Sweep as its working title!) and this was one I had almost begun to despair of happening.  When it did, of course, I was delighted with it.

Melody chose it for its clean, bright colours, elegant fonts and eye-catching concept of the design.  She said the shopping trolley was well-blended in with a suitable background.  Credit for Shopping for Love's cover goes to Kimberly Killion of Hot Damn Designs but Melody herself is an extremely talented cover artist whose site is well worth a visit.

So thanks for the award, Melody.  Considering the really excellent competition from the other finalists, it was an honour just to be among them, and a real accolade to be the winner.

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