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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Highs and Lows and Killer Reviews

When there's a high, a low usually seems to follow.  It's a pity, but that's a fact of life.  I had a high this week in that I did something quite different.  I collaborated with my son to write a short sci-fi story.  We published it together and felt reasonably happy about it, waiting anxiously to see what people thought.

And then came the low.  One of those kiss of death three star reviews within hours of release.  But hello, the reviewer proclaimed "Sci-fi just doesn't grab me...."  This was written by someone who has read my other titles and was disappointed that I'd strayed from the rose-tinted path of romance into thorny pastures new. 

We made it very clear this story was science fiction - even putting my son's name first as the author, so why would an avid romance fan go and download a sci-fi story and then complain because it was a sci-fi story?  It makes me feel like running away somewhere to find a cave to hide away from humankind and its strange, unfathomable ways.

Ah well.  I'm pleased and proud I wrote a story with my son.  It was a fun experiment and we enjoyed it and had hoped to write more in this genre.  Unfortunately my son became quite disheartened by the review and his interest has flagged somewhat.  But who know, perhaps after a few more people read it and (hopefully) have something constructive to say about it, he will change his mind.

The story is set in a surveillance society of the not too distant future.  Brandon and Claire Avery lost their firstborn at the age of six and are naturally very anxious to do all they can to ensure tragedy doesn't strike again.  But Harrison, now also six, shows all the signs of being a child prodigy and genius in this strange new world is a very dangerous thing.  Harrison's development is monitored closely by Russell Carr, a government doctor who will show no compassion to the parents if Harrison is designated a genius.

Warning: Surveillance is a science fiction story of approximately 40 pages.  Please don't download it if you dislike the genre. It is currently available from Amazon, price 77p.

About the authors:

Alexander is a child of the 80s who holds degrees in Computer Science and Law.  He currently works as a computer programmer for the financial industry in the City of London but somehow manages to squeeze an unhealthy number of videogames and RPGs into his busy schedule.

Lynette usually writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense but, in the days when she did more reading than writing, was an avid reader of science fiction - as well as practically every other genre. 


Eva87 said...

How rude of that person to post such a review. You are right to be annoyed, they should have left it alone if they didn't like sci-fi!

I downloaded it immediately and I'm reading it now. So far I absolutely love it! Even if that person didn't like sci-fi, surely they could appreciate the fantastic eloquence with which you write? The descriptions, the turn of phrase, it's all wonderful!

I shall ensure that I review it the way it deserves as soon as I have finished!

Jenny Twist said...

I agree with Emily. It's rude and unkind. I have read Surveillance and loved it. Beautifully-written, very disturbing. Everything a SciFi should be.

ManicScribbler said...

Oh, Eva87 - I'm overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. What a wonderful person you are.
And Jenny, lovely Jenny - Thank you too. I'm so pleased to have your friendship and support of my writing. I learn so much from you. I doubt I'll ever be able to craft short stories as well as you do, but I will keep trying.
Your kind comments have sent me away with the fairies!!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Don't be too disheartened, Lynette (and son) - I'm sure you will soon have lots of great reviews. It's just a shame that particular one came first. Will download it and judge for myself!

ManicScribbler said...

Thank you, Rosemary - how kind of you.
I do hope you'll enjoy it.

Eva87 said...

I've posted my 5-star review on and .com :D

ManicScribbler said...

Thank you Eva87. Oh wow, you really liked it - how wonderful. I can't wait for my son to see this review. Thank you so much - you've just made my day!

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