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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Released at Last - In Loving Hate by Lynette Sofras

It's been a long, slow journey and I'm more relieved than pleased that my romantic suspense, In Loving Hate, has finally (and very quietly) emerged from its year-long wraps to sit pristinely on Amazon's shelves, vying, with all the other new releases, for some loving attention.  Now, I suppose the real work begins of getting it noticed, which will most certainly be down to me and not the publisher.

I'm not complaining.  Since the publication of my first novel almost a year ago, I've learned that the onus for marketing falls squarely on the authors' shoulders.  Following the release of my first novel, I've also published two other contemporary romances so the fairy dust has fallen from my eyes and I have a much clearer idea of the hard work involved.  But that's next week's task.  Today I'm celebrating my latest release and talking a little bit about it.

In Loving Hate

After the devastation of her failed marriage, Lyssa returns  from Greece to her family home in London to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, only to learn that her mother, a once-celebrated actress, is now debt-ridden and has sold the luxury apartment in the top of their home to Alex Andrakis - a Greek shipping magnate.

Now why would a Greek multi-millionaire want a flat in a private house, no matter how prestigious the address, when he could afford to buy half the street?  Ostensibly, it's an altruistic act, to help out Lyssa's mother who is an old friend and former flame of his father's.  However, Lyssa soon discovers that with Andrakis, nothing is ever straightforward and the apartment is merely a pawn in a much bigger game.  A game that takes a dangerous twist when Lyssa's childhood friend and prolific businesswoman, Nell Winters, begins to take an interest and does some digging of her own.

It seems in the international business world nothing and no one is what it appears and Lyssa finds herself caught in the crossfire with her emotions pulled in different directions as she tries to unravel the mysterious wheelings and dealings of all concerned.

In Loving Hate is now available from Amazon, the Coffee Time Romance and Muse ItUp Publications book-stores (both offering 20% off) and will hopefully hit other leading retailers in the next few weeks.


Paula Martin said...

Look forward to reading this one, Lyn :-)

Su Halfwerk said...

Congratulations, Lyn on the new release. Good luck with the marketing, though half the battle is one with the attractive cover art.

ManicScribbler said...

Thank you Paula and Su.
Don't get me started on covers, Su! Fortunately I've now found a great cover artist... ;)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Congratulations on the release! Sounds like an interesting read.

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