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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wednesday's Writer Shout Out - Sharleen Scott

This week's guest author is Sharleen Scott who says her first five star review of her contemporary romance/mystery, Caught in Cross Seas gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.  I'm sure reader/reviewer, Sharon will be delighted to know she can expect the sequel in October.  Here's what Sharon had to say:

A perfect summer read. What a delightful read this was! You will get drawn in to this story, and end wishing for a sequel! I am waiting for another book from you Sharleen Scott!

Short and to the point, but sometimes they're the best.  It certainly sparked my interest.

Here's the blurb for Caught in Cross Seas (an intriguing title, don't you think?):

It’s summer in the tranquil coastal town of Angel Beach, Oregon, but not everyone is enjoying the surf. Harlie Cates is caught in a sea of catastrophes. One of her homeless charges has died, her food bank may be forced to shut down, a reporter suspects she’s the missing ex-wife of a wealthy philanthropist, and her gorgeous new neighbor is threatening to have her arrested for stalking him. One more problem and she’s going under for the last time. 
Country music superstar Clay Masterson isn’t interested in dipping his toes in the cool Pacific. He’s on the trail of his supposedly dead father, who is wanted for murder in Montana, and the grapevine says he’ll find him in the vicinity of Angel Beach. For a guy with a famous face, hunting on his own isn’t easy. When he discovers Harlie isn’t a stalker, he enlists her in the search and soon finds his heart making discoveries of its own. 
The current shifts when details in a local murder match the Montana murder case. There’s no sign of dear ol’ dad and Clay is beginning to look like a suspect. Harlie knows the truth, but a promise has her struggling to stay silent. Whether she talks or not, someone will be sacrificed, and it may be Harlie who is in the most danger of all.

About the author:

Sharleen Scott writes contemporary romance/mystery/suspense and women’s fiction. Her debut novel, Caught in Cross Seas, was published in May 2014. Caught in the Spin, the second book in the series, is scheduled for release in the fall. Sharleen is a member of Romance Writers of America and Indie Romance Ink. Her former career as a travel agent introduced her to fascinating and romantic locales she could draw on for her books. 
Her present position as a rural mail carrier keeps her firmly planted in reality, a situation her imagination does its best to thwart. Sharleen lives in the beautiful state of Washington with her husband, Brett, and their two college kids. 

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