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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Award-winning #Romance. New cover. New low price from @ManicScribbler #MRFWAuthor

Revamped and re-launched, The Apple Tree is my first contemporary romance, which won a writing award and publishing contract from Prism Book Group (formerly Inspired Romance Novels) at the end of 2011.

It's now available again from Amazon at a special low price of $0.99 or £0.99.

Here's what some readers said recently in their 5* reviews:

"It is a fantastic read! Reminded me somewhat of a Danielle Steele novel"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it held my interest and loved the characters, would highly recommend"

"I highly recommend this soul searching novel"

"I loved the characters in this book. I cheered for each of them. Lynette Sofras had me on a roller coaster ride with them, and the heart-stopping trip was worth it"

The Apple Tree

Escaping from your past is never easy, as junior hospital doctor Juliet discovers when she tries to start afresh, leaving both her marriage and her career behind.

Love blossoms rapidly when she meets the mysterious and forthright Nicholas, who seems to herald the new beginning she craves.  But Nicholas isn't quite what he seems—and also holds strong views on the subject of marriage that she fails to take seriously.

The past quickly dissolves into insignificance as their all-consuming romance propels them forward, but Juliet has to learn the price of happiness in the cruellest way possible.  Will she be able to tackle the painful roots of her past in order for her future to grow strong and healthy?

Buy The Apple Tree from Amazon
To read an excerpt on my website


Tara Fox Hall said...

Love the new cover! Loved the book too :)

ManicScribbler said...

Thanks, Tara. Alex and I made the cover - it's quite a departure from the old one! Lovely of you to pop over the pond, as always ♥

Rizky Ismail said...
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