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Friday, September 27, 2013

Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Blog Tour - Prizes, Giveaways and Special Offers Just for YOU!

If you've found your way to my blog as part of the Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, a big, smiley welcome to you.  If you've happened on it by a different route, you might want to know a little bit more about Awesome Indies and its Mystery Tour.

Awesome Indies is comprised of a group of industry professionals appointed to evaluate independently published fiction against specific criteria to ensure it reaches the same quality of craftsmanship as books published by mainstream publishing houses.  You can buy books bearing the AIA logo in the full confidence that you are buying fiction of the highest standard.

A group of authors whose Awesome Indies Approved novels contain a mystery element is running the Magical Mystery Tour this year.  It's a fun-packed blog tour with special offers and prizes to be won. Simply work your way around each participating blog to find the key you need to enter the draw for one of the great prizes.  There are three Amazon gift cards on offer: $25, $15 and $10.  If you start at the Awesome Indies blog and follow the links from blog to blog, you can read extracts from the short story Ghost Town (penned especially for the tour), pick up the clue you need as well as the great giveaways or special offers from each participating author.  Every book you buy on the tour gives you another entry into the prize draw.

My entry into the Magical Mystery tour is

Killing Jenna Crane is a psychological drama about a successful though rather egotistical novelist, Ellis Crawford who, in his writer's mind, sees the demise of his popular heroine, Jenna Crane.  But when he attempts to end his highly successful mystery series, his agent reminds him of all he'll lose.  To complicate things further, Ellis is torn between two women: the breathtakingly sexy, independent Emily, who wants him to kill off Jenna Crane for good—even at the expense of his career, and the loving, caring Chloe, whose heart he broke because she needed him too much. 

However, life is too short for regrets, and his own soon spirals out of control.  With his reputation and career in tatters, he finds himself facing the growing darkness of his own soul when a secret is revealed that changes everything he thought he once knew...

Special Half-Price Offer:  For the duration of this tour, Killing Jenna Crane is available at Amazon for $1.99 (usual price $3.99) or at Smashwords (use coupon code JN92N at the checkout to claim the discount).

If you want to start reading Ghost Town from the beginning, click here. Alternatively, continue reading:

Ghost Town - Kevin - Part Two by William Knight

“That Walter's made me pissed, Drill Serg'n' Major, Sir.”

Drill Sergeant Major didn't usually remain quiet for so long. Kevin straightened his back and tried his best to come to attention inside the narrow damp passage of the wooden cabin. The silence unnerved him. He fidgeted.

“Keep still,” the voice barked.

“Yes, Drill Serg'n' Major, Sir.”

Drill Sergeant Major wasn't the only presence at the cabin that afternoon. The girl in the pink dress with a scent of honeysuckle played in the wall-less kitchen, and Mable Dirsely – the whore of the old settlement – creaked the non-existent bed on the mezzanine. But Drill Sergeant Major's presence was the only one that mattered.

“You know what happens if that comb is reunited with its owner?” Drill Sergeant Major shouted. The upstairs creaking stopped and the girl in the pink dress disappeared. “That's the end of it, boy.”

“You and Walter both think it was me. It weren't me, Sir.”

The room darkened as if a shadow had descended over the cabin. The damp odor of rotting wood drifted into Kevin's nose like an old friend, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood to attention like soldiers back in Nam. Bitter and angry at being misunderstood, Kevin nonetheless stood perfectly still.

“You know what to do, boy,” whispered Drill Sergeant Major into Kevin's ear.

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And don't forget to pick up the clues you need for the prize draw

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Kate Policani said...

This tale is getting really creepy! Great tour!

Dr. Niamh Clune said...

I am doing the blog tour and getting to know all your lovely blogs.

ManicScribbler said...

Welcome Kate and Niamh - lovely to see you here.

Dixiane Hallaj said...

The tour is a lot of fun. I can't wait to share with FB friends.

Mary Maddox said...

My first first to your blog. It has such a friendly feeling. I'm so glad to part of this tour with you.

Mary Maddox said...

My first first to your blog. It has such a friendly feeling. I'm so glad to part of this tour with you.

Tahlia said...

The story is great. Well done everyone.

Tahlia said...

The story is great. Well done everyone.

Chris Longmuir said...

This story is getting better and better. I'm really enjoying this tour.

ManicScribbler said...

Dixiane, Mary, Tahlia and Chris - lovely to see you on my blog and thanks for dropping by. It's a great tour - my 'to-read' list is filling up rapidly.

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