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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prism's Birthday Blog Hop

I first became a published author in 2011, when Prism Book Group (at that time called Inspired Romance) selected my contemporary romance The Apple Tree as its inaugural contest winner and expressed an interest in publishing it.  You can't imagine how thrilled I was!  I worked closely with Prism's wonderful editor, Joan Alley, and the book quickly took shape - albeit in a slightly Americanised way!   Since then, I've gone on to publish six more novels and have, as the old clich√© goes, never looked back.  So thank you, Prism—your special celebration is mine too!

This week Prism Book Group is celebrating its third birthday and I'm delighted to be part of those celebrations, not least to say thank you to them for starting me off on my own writing journey.  The party runs from September 20th to 23rd and includes some great giveaways, including a $100 gift card. There are also lots of scrummy dessert recipes donated by all the Prism authors. All you have to do is follow the blog hop.  For my own prize, I'm offering a copy of The Apple Tree (or one of my other titles if preferred) as an e-book. Just leave a comment and your email address at the end of this post, telling me which book you'd like to read.

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Now for my own recipe, which is very special.

In my contemporary romance Shopping for Love, Emma is renowned for her chocolate mud cakes - a secret recipe handed to her from an aunt.  Her best friend, Jenny loves them and begs for the recipe, but Emma promised her aunt she'd keep it a secret.

The recipe I had in mind when writing this story was one that was similarly entrusted to me, but, unlike Emma, I've decided to share it with you for Prism's birthday bash. It's easy, it's fool proof (i.e. very forgiving if you don't quite get the quantities right) and it's absolutely yummy!


Into large bowl put
2 cups unsalted butter
150 g dark cooking chocolate
2 cups caster sugar
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup water and 1/3 cup of orange juice - or if you're feeling really decadent, substitute whisky (as recommended by Emma's aunt).

Melt in microwave and stir until really smooth and glossy.  (About 4 or 5 minutes).
To the mix add
1/3 cup self-raising flour
1 ½ cups plain flour
1/3 cup cocoa
2 eggs.

Mix well and pour into 7 or 8 inch round tin.
Cook on about 320˚F (160˚C) for 1½ - 2 hours (or until the skewer comes out clean)
Brush with a little milk while still warm and in the tin.
Tip out after about 10 minutes onto its head and then put back on its base on flat board or plate.

Now, it's great to eat this as it is, but for extra yumminess, make a ganache icing by melting chocolate and cream (dark or milk chocolate; using a little less cream than chocolate - but the measurements don't need to be exact).  Stir well to create a nice, glossy look.  Drizzle the ganache over the cake or serve in separate bowls with strawberries and whipped cream.

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Now just enjoy the Birthday Hop!


Jean MP said...

Shopping for Love sounds like a great story.
I like the cake recipe, especially when you said it is foolproof and forgiving with the measurements!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

joye said...

One can substitue whiskey in it? I am making this recipe first over the others on the rest of the blog stops.


ManicScribbler said...

Thanks, Jean - yes it really is a surprisingly easy recipe. Do try it... but don't tell everyone ;)

ManicScribbler said...

Joye - thanks for stopping by. Yes, absolutely - I promise whisky works really well - better in my opinion than orange juice, but not everyone likes to use alcohol in baking. I'm thrilled you're going to make it. Please let me know how it goes.

Lisa Lickel said...

Does that ever sound awesome - mud cake with coffee powder. Thanks for sharing!

Carlene Havel said...

This sounds delicious...though not as yummy as a good romance ebook!

ManicScribbler said...

Thanks Lisa - hope you'll try it.

Very true, Carlene - and we know just where to find them, don't we?

Catherine Lee said...

I'm not a fan of chocolate, but I'm going to make this cake for my hubby. He'll love it.

ManicScribbler said...

Hello Catherine. Thank you for stopping by. If I'm honest, I'm not too crazy about chocolate either, so, like you, I tend to make this more for those dear to me. I hope your husband likes it. Do let me know,

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