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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Especially for you this Christmas: With Love - Three Romances Less Than Half Price

Released today:

If you know someone who likes to fill their Kindle with heart-warming romances, you won't want to miss this limited edition boxed set of three top contemporary romances, a special offer for Christmas and less than half price.

The three full length contemporary romances are:

The Apple Tree - Prism Book Group's (formerly Inspired Romance) 2011 competition winner.


Escaping from your past is never easy, as young hospital doctor Juliet discovers when she tries to start afresh, leaving both her marriage and her career behind.

Love blossoms rapidly when she meets the mysterious and forthright Nicholas, who seems to herald the new beginning she craves. The past quickly dissolves into insignificance as their all-consuming romance propels them forward but Juliet has to learn the price of happiness in the cruellest way possible.

Will she be able face the painful roots of her past in order for her future to grow strong and healthy?

Wishful Thinking, which reached #1 on Amazon UK for contemporary romance.


A high-speed blow-out two days before Christmas in the fast lane of a busy motorway! Miraculously, Jess and her young son escape almost-certain death. 

Then, like another miracle, Jess encounters Christian Goodchild, famous pop star turned Hollywood A-lister and a man most women only ever meet in their dreams.  Both are touched by the enchantment of the moment, leaving them longing for more.

But Christian is enmeshed in a relationship so damaging that Jess doubts their love can survive in the glamorous but complex world of celebrity. Could it all turn out to be just wishful thinking?


Love can find you in the strangest places - but it's never for sale!

They meet - of all places - buying tomatoes in the supermarket and there’s no denying the attraction is mutual.  But Greg, a software developer, is still raw from his painful divorce and Emma, his children’s teacher, is recovering from her own heartache.  Then the reappearance of Emma's career-obsessed ex-boyfriend and Greg's spiteful ex-wife threatens to kill their new love before it has even begun.

Is Emma’s love strong enough to survive Greg’s demanding past and the threats to both their careers?  What will be the cost of falling in love in a world where everything comes with a high price tag?

You can click on the individual titles or covers for readers' reviews on these stories, but remember that this gift set will only be available for a limited period, at less than half price.  My special Christmas gift for you, With Love.

Buy With Love on Amazon (US)
Buy With Love on Amazon (UK)


Jenny Twist said...

Three great books. I loved them all. What a boon for someone who hasn't got them yet.

ManicScribbler said...

Thank you for your kind words, Jenny ♥

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