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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hot Off the Press and Highly Recommended - Torn by Gilli Allan (@gilliallan)

It's always thrilling to hear a success story in this business, especially when you know the author to be highly talented and deserving.  I've enjoyed Gilli Allan's books enormously, so was delighted to hear that after some years of being a self-published author, her work was spotted by Accent Press, snapped up and is now being republished.  

The first of these stories is Torn, published this week - and I highly recommend it.  If you like contemporary fiction, with an unconventional and edgy love story at its heart - you'll enjoy it too. 

Here is the blurb:

Jess has made a series of bad life choices and all have let her down.
Escaping London, she sets out to recreate herself in the idyllic countryside, and this time she wants to get it right! 

She wants to lead a responsible, tranquil life with her young son Rory, but soon discovers stresses which pull her in opposing directions – conflict over a new bypass, between friends, and worst of all, between lovers. 

Educated, experienced, and pragmatic, James is a widowed farmer whose opinions differ from, and enrage, Jess. His young shepherd, Danny, is an uneducated and inexperienced idealist. Jess is attracted to them both, and realizes if she wants her idyllic countryside life to survive, she must choose her Mr Right. 

Torn is now available from Amazon by clicking on this link.

Gilli Allan - Then and Now:

Gilli Allan started to write in childhood, a hobby only abandoned when real life supplanted the fiction. Gilli didn’t go to Oxbridge, but after just enough exam passes to squeak in, she attended Croydon Art College. 

She didn’t work on any of the broadsheets, in publishing or television. Instead she was a shop assistant, a beauty consultant and a barmaid before landing her dream job as an illustrator in advertising. It was only when she was at home with her young son that Gilli began writing seriously. She has had three books mainstream published - two further books will be published in 2015. 

Gilli has been a school governor, a contributor to local newspapers, and a driving force behind the community shop in her Gloucestershire village.  Still a keen artist, Gilli designs Christmas cards and produced the illustrations for the children’s book The Tale of King Harald -The Last Viking Adventure, which was published in 2014. 


Gilli Allan said...

Thanks Lyn. I really appreciate your continuing support. gx

LizB said...

So pleased for Gilli. She has worked long and hard for this. Well deserved success!

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I'm so glad Torn is being republished. Wishing you much success with Accent Press.

Marie Laval said...

This sounds like a wonderful read. I have just ordered it! Good luck Gilli.

ManicScribbler said...

Gilli, you are always welcome :)

ManicScribbler said...

Thanks for dropping by LizB, Sandra and Marie - I'm sure Gilli will be very grateful for your support.

Gilli Allan said...

Thank you Sandy and Liz. It means a lot to me to have your suppport and encouragment. And many thanks to you, Marie. I really hope you enjoy the book. gx

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